Special Offer for Bloggers through Coach Monique!

by Healthy Diva on July 31, 2014


My friend Coach Monique is offering a special to bloggers! I wanted to help her out, she is a fabulous lady who rocks at what she does! She was so kind to offer free coaching to any of my blogger friends who might be interested! Details… 4 One-Hour Coaching sessions via Skype…we can meetup on-line  […]


My PJ’s Rock +Veggetti Winner

by Healthy Diva on July 31, 2014


  Popping in real QUICK to announce the Veggetti winner! #92 Kristen you are the winner, please email me your shipping info! Congrats, thanks to all who entered my giveaway! I am aslo popping in to say that my latest pj’s rock      I secretly behind a screen shop at Forever 21, haha. I […]


Annie’s Mac and Cheese Recipe + A Giveaway!

by Healthy Diva on July 30, 2014

  Hello, friends! Man, do I have a simple and delicious recipe for YOU! Especially for all my garlic loving friends out there  As part of the #teamannies blogger team, I got some great stuff to eat, create a recipe with, put on my lips, and to wear! Awesome package of stuff thanks to Annie’s […]


What I Love at GNC Wednesday!

by Healthy Diva on July 30, 2014


Happy Wednesday, friends! I always love being nosy and seeing what people buy when they got to the grocery store or places like Sephora! So, today I am sharing what goodies I got at GNC yesterday. I love GNC, especially when they have a deal on my quest bars. ( they didn’t yesterday though ) […]


TTMT #21 Are You a Perfectionist?

by Healthy Diva on July 29, 2014


Hey! Time for some TTMT!     We are all PERFECT, right?! Of course not, nobody is perfect! Having flaws is what makes us beautiful and makes us human. Perfectionism is something I used to struggle with BAD, but am slowly trying to get better at it. Perfectionism, in psychology, is a personality trait characterized […]


Party Organically with VitaFrute Cocktails!

by Healthy Diva on July 29, 2014


Time to party right this summer! Time to party organically with VitaFrute cocktails by VEEV!     I know I love a good, fruity, and delicious drink on a hot summer day, on the beach, or just on my back deck on a warm summer night. Well, as we all know, drinks can be big on […]


MIMM #108 Relaxing and PIYO Power!

by Healthy Diva on July 27, 2014

Short, sweet, straight to the point! That’s how this MIMM is coming at ya today! I hope every single one of you, had some fabulous memories this past weekend, or had a great weekend all around! Happy Monday, happy MIMM! Sharing some highlights of my kick ass weekend, literally it was! The weather was perfect […]


Zucchini Noodle Recipe + A Veggetti Giveaway

by Healthy Diva on July 26, 2014


Disclosure - “The Veggetti®, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Ontel.”   I am getting on the spiralizer train! I am a little late, but I finally learned what all the craze is about, thanks to Veggetti!     The Veggetti® turns vegetables into delicious, healthy spaghetti, instantly · By using […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on July 25, 2014


1. This is exactly how I feel, after getting Rocco down for his nap 15 minutes ago. We had a rough night over here,  the molars are coming and they are not fun! His nose is draining and he even grunts in pain, it sucks. He was SO over tired, so getting him down to […]


Yoga Poses For PMS!

by Healthy Diva on July 25, 2014


Hey, ladies! Happy Friday! I am struggling with beautiful cramps and bloating this week, along with the other awesome symptoms pms brings, hello mood swings and emotional brekadowns out of nowhere! Wine helps with pms, but so do some yoga poses  These poses with help with that bloating and give ya some energy too! I […]


Diva Approved + A Yoga Video

by Healthy Diva on July 24, 2014


Happy Thursday! Thursday mornings are always rushed for me due to Rocco having to be at daycare early, so I am usually rushing to post! Could I skip a day and not post? Sure. Do I want to? Nope! I truly love posting every day, well except the weekends, I like to enjoy those days […]


I’m Struggling and Apple Pie Muffins FTW

by Healthy Diva on July 23, 2014


Happy Wednesday! Do you know anyone or any mom for that matter, who has their shit together?! If you do, please send her my way, to help me get my shit together more, somehow  I feel like I struggle some days lately. I thought once Rocco started daycare 2 half days a week, that I […]


Awesome Fitness Apparel Deals!

by Healthy Diva on July 22, 2014


HUGE Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on right now! Lots of great deals on everything, but wanted to share some awesome fitness apparel deals I spotted. I don’t know if any of you heard of the “Zella” brand, but it rocks. I actually own some leggings by them, including these ones in this pic of me […]



by Healthy Diva on July 22, 2014


-I can’t get enough of fun, comfy, and cute palazzo pants. It’s a good change up to wear these when I want to be fancier than yoga pants    – Cereal is still a strong addiction in our house. Mike and I love the protein cheerios and we decided to get another cereal to try […]


MIMM #107 A Birthday Celebration Weekend!

by Healthy Diva on July 21, 2014


Marvelous weekend was had! I am hoping all of my wonderful readers had a great weekend, too. If any of you had a rough weekend, I am sending you lots of love and support. Getting right to MIMM… Friday night… Mike and I took little man to the park since it was a beautiful evening, […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on July 18, 2014


1. It’s FRIDAY! YAY! I am so excited for this weekend, because tomorrow night I have a date night with my love. Not just any date night, a surprise dinner date night since Mike’s birthday is Sunday. I planned a fabulous dinner at a place we have never been to, and I can’t wait to […]


Enjoying The Sunshine + Headstand Fun

by Healthy Diva on July 17, 2014


Yesterday was the perfect summer day! The weather was not too hot, it actually felt like fall! Breakfast was perfect for outdoors  overnight berry oats <3 Since the weather was so nice, Rocco and I took our little booties to the park to enjoy it! We didn’t go to our park in the neighborhood, we […]

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