Diva Short Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on January 30, 2015


Happy Friday, friends! Having a little bit of a shorter spill today  1.  I tried the flat white from Starbucks yesterday and now am hooked! It is sooooo good! I got it with soy milk and splenda ( I know, I know splenda is badddd. Stop it! ) and I love it! I can now […]


Diva and Toddler Approved

by Healthy Diva on January 29, 2015


Happy Thursday! I hope the week is going great for everyone so far! Today I am sharing some things I am approving of lately and a few things toddler approved, too! Yeah, Rocco wanted to share some of his recent faves as well  Trident tilapia burgers! These were really delicious and easy to cook up […]


What I Love Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on January 28, 2015


- The feeling after a kick butt HIIT workout on the elliptical. Those socks, love those too. My motivation    – My solo selfie that Rocco didn’t want to join in on. Ok, the real love in this pic is my eyebrows. Seriously, the Anastasia brow genius kit I got a while back is amazing. […]


lorna jane 15

2015 is already rolling along, one month almost down! Lots of people set goals or have dreams for the new year, and some like me just live day to day on goals. I always plan daily to set myself up for success, do the best I can, live the healthiest, and happiest each day. I […]


MIMM #134 Hashtag Style

by Healthy Diva on January 26, 2015


Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Last full weekend of January, which I can’t believe. 2015 is already off to a fast start and I am just counting the days until spring. Hope all my friends in New England, NYC and Boston are staying warm and safe, I know lots of snow is […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on January 23, 2015


    1. FriYAY! Anyone else excited for the weekend?! No big plans here except for a girls night with my bff tomorrow at a new dining spot and to finish painting Anthony’s new room. 2. This young man, I love him to pieces and he amazes me with his talent. Anthony can play the […]



by Healthy Diva on January 22, 2015


- I have been a little too obsessed with Bruno Mars. Yes, I am a weirdo.  This is the closest I will ever get to him, let me liveeeeee. Oh, did you see his performance on Ellen last week? #bestillmyheart   – I want to buy stock in this yogurt before it is gone. Why […]


What’s in my Trader Joe’s Bag Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on January 21, 2015


    Happy Wednesday! I was so happy to get to Trader Joe’s yesterday, been since before Christmas I stopped there! I actually enjoy not going weekly, I enjoy it more for some weird reason. Although I would like to get to a routine where I go weekly to get certain things that are cheaper […]


Truth Tuesday

by Healthy Diva on January 20, 2015


Truth- I love getting my strength on and do want to share my workout schedule with you guys on here. Thinking next week I will post my weekly workout agenda to share!   Truth- I am not typically a gingerbread fan. But, I love this granola ( I wish it was around all year ) […]


Truth Tuesday

by Healthy Diva on January 20, 2015


MIMM #133 Silent Weekend Snaps

by Healthy Diva on January 19, 2015


Happy Monday <3 I am wishing all fo you a great start to the week and hope your weekend was amazing! Our weekend was relaxing, just as we wanted it! Some good eats, champagne and workouts! I did my get roots retouched at the salon Saturday, that was some lovely “me time” that I enjoyed. […]


3 Day DL revAMP Food Detox Review + Discount Code

by Healthy Diva on January 17, 2015


**Disclosure- I was sent this 3 day detox for free to try and compensated by DLreVAMP. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I survived my 3 day detox! But, I did slip and have coffee, too. Well it was decaf coffee, I just couldn’t survive without it! Everything else was great, didn’t miss anything […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on January 16, 2015


1.It’s the FREAKING weekend and we have ZERO plans! Woot woot! Sorry, had to get that out! 2. I want to try all of the new broth bowls at Panera! They all sound amazing! I wonder if I could go in there and order them all without looking like a broth bowl addict?! Seriously  3. […]


Stitch Fix #6 Review

by Healthy Diva on January 15, 2015

stitch fix3

I got my Stitch Fix last week and have been meaning to share with you guys. I loved this fix, except for two things that were just not my typical style. Although I wanted to keep 3 pieces in this fix, I held off and didn’t keep anything. As much as I wanted to, I […]


What I Love Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on January 14, 2015


My shopping buddy, the best one around!   Sweet surprise from Mike! I always keep mentos in my car and of course, he fueled my Starbucks addiction. I have to say though, we are getting a Dunkin Donuts in May near me! I am overly excited and can’t wait to have a bad addiction there.  […]


Augusta Sportswear Review + Giveaway

by Healthy Diva on January 12, 2015


-Disclosure –  “This post is sponsored by Augusta Sportswear. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” Hello, friends! I got a great giveaway for you gals today and am excited that I have been given the opportunity to host this one! As most of you know, I love in fitness apparel. I am a girl […]


MIMM #132 BFF Night + Date Night at Grit and Grace

by Healthy Diva on January 12, 2015

Happy Monday! Another cold day over here, a good day to hibernate and try to clean my home office. Always good to clean and organize in the cold winter months, while the weather is too cold out. This past weekend I felt I wanted to hibernate all weekend, but I had two date nights that […]

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